Financial Property Management

LMG offers through Lundy Management Group, LLC an unbundled range of services which include financial property management for all types of commercial businesses. Our financial department can generate detailed information quickly and accurately using both cash- and accrual-based accounting. We have the ability to generate complicated reports, including preparation of tax returns, using one of several software packages. If needed, we can prepare depreciation tables and other information. We use customized Windows-based commercial property management software packages like Yardi and Excel and have experience with other property management software. Our online capabilities allow us state-of-the-art information processing and reporting to owners. We can customize reports to meet any specifications or desires.

The Lundy Group can be responsible for collecting rents, maintaining individual tenant information and supervising the operating expenses incurred to run the property. This includes:

  • Preparation of detailed and current budgets and monthly reports
  • Review of monthly and year-end reports and invoices
  • Approval of the payment of invoices

With this in mind, we will review monthly reports to verify expenses before these reports come to you for final approval and payment authorization. In addition, we make accurate one-year projections of future expenses and update these projections every six months.

We will work closely with you in the start-up phase on documenting expenses to ensure continuity from our starting point forward. From this base of information, we can perform projections and begin our formal monthly accounting reporting to you