Physical Property Management 

Lundy Management Group offers full services for property management of a wide range of product.  With over 25 years of experience, Lundy has the people and the programs for complete services. Lundy can unbundle its management services into two areas: financial management and physical property management. Lundy can provide a menu of services from which an owner can choose.  We can structure management to suit an owner’s needs. About half of the property Lundy manages is for third parties and ranges from large mixed use projects, to medical facilities, to standard office and retail.

Financial management can include the collection of income from rents or dues or other payments to the tracking, recording and payment of expenses under both cash and accrual accounting. LMG can assist with financing as well as loan or lender relations. Physical property management services include our ability to self-perform many minor maintenance items with our staff of maintenance engineers to management of vendor contracts, improvements and changes. Our pro-active approach is intended to find and solve management issues before they become costly or a problem.

As part of our initial services, we will perform a complete analysis of the property and evaluate its needs. We will design and submit a introductory or “takeover” plan which we term The First 90 Days Action Plan. This is followed by the First Year’s Plan and the ongoing budgeting and financial plan. Following the initial introductory period, we will continue our diligent monitoring of all services and focus on tenant satisfaction. We will respond immediately to any requests for services, such as additional maintenance or individual tenant needs.

We will work closely with the tenant, upon lease signing, to assist in any way possible with a smooth start-up. We will continue to focus on meeting the tenant’s needs during their lease term. For the tenant’s convenience, LMG has an after hours communication system to ensure prompt contact with a member of our team 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The level of service we intend to provide will be second to none and focused on achieving high tenant retention and satisfaction.