Design Build

The Lundy Group uses a modified design-build process in pursuing its projects. We feel this is an excellent approach that can result in the best possible product at the best possible price for the owner or tenant. Our process involves the trades, contractors, and designer who actually install and maintain what they design. When the experience of installation and maintenance is considered in the design phase, the end product can be efficiently installed and economically managed. In other words, the people installing it will make sure the design is something they support and are willing to stand behind when it comes to performance.

The design-build process used by Lundy is modified from the traditional process. In the traditional process the owner/developer chooses a contractor. This contractor then hires the architect and other designers who work for the contractor. This can set up the situation where the best design is not chosen because it is not the most profitable for the contractor.  It also sets up concerns during the review process that the architect may not feel he/she can freely talk directly to the owner/developer since the architect works for the contractor.

Our experience has modified this so the architect and designers work directly for the owner/developer. The contractor and their subcontractors also work for the owner/developer under a separate arrangement.

The above diagram shows the interaction between designers, contractors and the owner/developer. At all times the owner/developer maintains the final decision authority on all aspects of the project.